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German Crutches

German Crutches

German Crutches PRODUCT DESCRIPTION · Strong, non-twisting forearm cuff · Ergonomic, anatomic shaped soft handle · Soft handle · Reflector · 10 adjustments in height · Solid rubber ferrule in big diameter · Approved up to 130 kg body weight · Hot-selling forearm crutches in Germany...

Product Details

German Crutches


· Strong, non-twisting forearm cuff

· Ergonomic, anatomic shaped soft handle

· Soft handle

· Reflector

· 10 adjustments in height

· Solid rubber ferrule in big diameter

· Approved up to 130 kg body weight

· Hot-selling forearm crutches in Germany

german crutches


Height from handle to cuff: 24cm

Height of handle: 75-98 cm (adjustable)

Pipe Diameter: 19 mm

Color: black, grey, blue, red


PE bag per piece to carton, 20pcs/carton

MOQ: 1000pcs/color


38 days after payment


TT, Western Union, Paypal etc.

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