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How old people choose the right cane?


Because of injuries or mobility problems, your doctor will advise you to use crutches to keep your balance in action and you will surely get dazzled by so many choices, including different colors and styles. Only using the right cane can make the elderly more convenient. The improper cane will make you uncomfortable and increase the chance of falling. So how to choose the right elderly canes?

1. Check the bottom of canes

Canes with strong, tough rubber at the bottom help to hold the floor as it walks, increasing the friction on most different surfaces. Make sure the rubber is strong and the teeth remain sharp. If the tooth pattern appears to have worn out, a new tip is required to replace it, or at least every five years.

2. Choose the handle

Choose a handle that makes you feel comfortable. You may choose some sponge handle or handle for your hand, which can be based on personal preferences. Even if your hand or finger is injured, both the doctor and the therapist can introduce some handles that suit your particular needs. If you use your hands or fingers pain, then you use the handle is not suitable for your hand, before buying more should try different handles for the final choice.

3. Check the regulator

Many canes are adjustable, but some do not. Make sure the canes adjust exactly to your height:

(1) the wrist can be close to the top of canes.

(2) adjust to an elbow can feel comfortable angle.

(3) crooked elbow flexion angle of about 30 degrees.

(4) keep the arm down vertically, the elbow flexed 30 degrees, the wrist can contact the top of canes.

(5) If the cane is too long it will make you feel difficult to pick up and move, too short will make you easy to lose balance.

4. Other types of walking canes

There are different types of walking canes, such as can be folded with a seat. Choose a walking cane that best suits your needs. Try different walking canes before buying.

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