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How to protect the elderly joints?


The health of the elderly is inseparable from the daily health care. So for the elderly, how to protect the health of the joints?

Research shows that just walking on the ground, your knees carry 3-5 times more stress than you. For overweight and obese older adults, their knees will be overwhelmed.

Wear a pair of knee pads, it is the elderly to protect the knee is a simple and effective measure. In particular, elderly with BMI above 24 (ie weight (kg) divided by height of square (m 2)) wear more. For example, a height of 1.55 meters, 65 kg weight of the elderly, the body mass index is 27, apparently overweight, so the elderly should wear knee pads.

Knee joint is the upper and lower leg where the medial meniscus, in front of the patella. The patella is stretched by two muscles and slides easily before it hovers over the intersection of the legs.

In normal life, due to no external force, nor strenuous exercise, the patella of the elderly in the knee area can also be a normal small-scale activities. But the elderly patella aging faster, once the force is not properly, the knee is to protect the elderly's patella is not easy to slip from the original site of "powerful weapon." If the knee has been injured, or the occurrence of disease, the use of knee pads can also reduce the knee flexion, to help maintain the thigh, leg in a straight line, thus protecting the knee, no longer aggravate the condition.

In addition to protecting the knee, knee pads have a very good warmth. For the growing deterioration of the elderly, is extremely important. In addition, to strengthen the exercise, muscle strengthening is also an important way to maintain the stability of the knee. In particular, boating, cycling and other activities, the protection of the knee is very beneficial. In addition, the use of knee pads, wearing the best stability inside the pants.

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