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The Features Of Toilet Handrails


· Rugged, streamlined design, simple and practical.

· Strong stability, high density, heavy weight, after plating and polishing does not peel, do not fade, in the wet environment is not easy to rust, aging is not easy, the overall structure is not loose.

· Corrosion-resistant, high temperature and low temperature, strong stability, non-fading, anti-wear.


· Bright chrome plated surface, perfect texture, strong coating adhesion, no corrosion, no flaking.

· With high-strength anti-corrosion, anti-wear function, good binding, coating uniform, depending on the sense of thick, and the surface bright color as a mirror.

Our toilet handrails have unique design, suitable for the toilet side, giving the user a stand or sit down support! Let the elderly's life more convenient and safe.

Imperial Crown Industrial Co.,Limited
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