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Which elders need crutches?


We generally use the old three legs to represent, of course, the crutch has become the third leg of the elderly, and although some elderly people do not like crutches, but one of the following conditions, it is best to quickly hurdle.

1, The elderly in action, if you feel their body balance is not good, you need to use support to maintain physical balance, you should use crutches.

2, Poor eyesight elderly, should also use crutches to help avoid the obstacles and dangers in the way of action.

3, After examination, suffering from severe osteoporosis in the elderly, more likely to wrestling, it is also recommended to use crutches to prevent falls injury.

4, The elderly suffering from disease. Elderly experts believe that the elderly in fact do not have to fear the dependence on crutches. Just as people who use crutches to assist during their illness recover, they do not have to continue using it. Even some elderly people who use crutches regularly find that they can provide many conveniences which may stimulate their desire for action. Instead, they will help them to exercise more legs and feet and maintain good health.

5, Old people with bad joints. For elderly patients with severe osteoporosis and lumbar compression fractures, crutches can reduce the time and effort to load the lumbar spine and joints, protect the bones and joints from injury, or reduce joint wear. The best choice is armpit crutches can reduce 80% of the lower body weight. However, the best axillary use of paired, easy to use when there is muscle strength inequality problems.

6, Stroke in the elderly, more crutches help to enhance stroke patients with balance function, load-bearing function and stability, suitable for a certain ability to stand and walking, but need to be balanced in the process of moving help stroke patient. There are three feet crutches and four-feet crutches on the market, these multi-crutches wide support surface and good stability, but also for all with one foot cane is not safe enough for the elderly.

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