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Dear Customers

Thank you very much for choosing our product - crutches. We produce crutches have more than 10 years of history, with strong production capacity and product quality assurance system. Our series of crutches are made of high quality aluminum alloy, steel pipe, stainless steel and other materials from refining.

According to the use of different materials, our crutches are divided into aluminum crutches, steel crutches, stainless steel crutches and so on.

According to the use of different ways, our crutches are divided into armpit crutches, forearm crutches, walking sticks and canes and so on.

These products won the majority of customers trust and love, it is the majority of lower limb disabled ideal walking aids.

Armpit Crutches

Forarm Crutches

Walking Canes

Imperial Crown Industrial Co.,Limited
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