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Date: February 21, 2017 (Wednesday) - 23 (Friday)

Venue: INTEX International Exhibition Center, Osaka, Japan (6 large exhibition halls)


Exhibition Introduction

The Japan International Medical Expo is the largest and most influential comprehensive medical exhibition in Japan. It consists of 7 professional exhibitions. As of February 2015, 59 governments and medical industry organizations provided support. Regardless of the exhibition vendors or visitors, to take the opportunity to participate in the Osaka Expo, you must be able to easily find your partner in Japanese business at the venue and want to know more about the important buyers of your company's professional products. More than 1,200 exhibitors and more than 38,000 spectators participated in the exhibition at the 2016 International Medical Expo in Japan, and received strong support from various groups and governments. They are: the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan, Kansai-ku from Japan's 7 counties and 4 cities. Domain affiliate government organization, as well as Japan Medical Device Industry Federation, Pharmaceutical Association, etc. This exhibition provides the best platform for all interested companies that wish to open up the Japanese market.

Exhibition Content

The 4th Hospital and Rehabilitation Equipment Supplies Exhibition

● Medical Information Technology/IT Technology ● Hospital Facility Equipment ● Medical Supplies ● Healthcare Equipment ● Home Healthcare Products

● Telemedicine products ● Medical related services

The 3rd Clinical Laboratory Analysis Exhibition

●Photogrammetric diagnostic equipment ● Consumables and accessories ● IVD (in vitro diagnostic equipment) and reagents

The 4th Recycling Medical Industrialization Exhibition

● Culture medium ● Chemical reagents ● Cell culture dishes ● Cell assay/analysis equipment ● Biomaterials test technology

The 8th Osaka Medical Equipment Manufacturing Exhibition

●Disposable Items ●Finishing, Prototyping ●Pipeline Workers, OEM ●Machine Parts, Machine Tools ●Electronic Components

●Optical elements

The 3rd Osaka International Pharmaceutical Industry Exhibition

●Pharmaceutical manufacturing/drug handling equipment ●Measurement/analysis/test/test equipment ●Packaging machinery, materials, containers ●Contract services

●Aseptic room equipment and supplies ●Logistic transportation equipment

The 4th Osaka International Pharmaceutical Raw Materials and Ingredients Exhibition

●API, intermediates ●additives ●contract synthesis ●natural extracts ●functional raw materials ●refined chemicals

The 3th Industrialization Exhibition and Symposium on Regenerative Medicine

●Cell research ●Regeneration medical research

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